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P is for Percy

Curiouser and Curiouser

Julie Lynn Hayes
19 November 1956
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My name is Julie Lynn Hayes. I am 54 years young, living in Florissant, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, with my daughter Sarah. I have five children, two grandsons, and two cats. My first novel, To The Max, was released by Dreamspinner on March 26th, 2010. On April 28, my short story Prince Wore Pink Stilettos came out, and my ficlet French Duet the same day at www.friskbisket.com. Since that time, I've published a few things. Lawn Boy and Sex on the Beach Christmas Style are at Wicked Nights. I have an ongoing series there called Captivations, and am starting a new one in May called Forbidden. http://wickednights.info

At Silver Publishing, I have a story called A Special Christmas, and a novel Dark Love under the name Reinette. On April 30th, my story Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire comes out, and on June 4th, For Love of Max. http://silverpublishing.info

Writing is my passion, and I yearn to be able to make my living that way. I am getting there. I have finished my second book, Revelations, and submitted it, as well as a vampire novel, and hope to have them published soon.

Edit: Revelations is at an agent now, the vampire novel is Dark Love and published. The print version comes out March 12th. I co-wrote another vampire novel with a fellow St. Louisan, set during the World's Fair, it's at a publisher now.

Feel free to comment on my journal, I like to meet new people and stay connected with old friends as well!